Spit out the breeze I breathe in the east
Freeway fireflies like stars in the trees
I can taste the west coast
Open and free
Drone and queen bee
Shagbark hickory

Is this it?
Pretty soon I’ll be in Washington.
Is everything back home really over?
….I’m leaving.
I’m really leaving.

Don’t wait up for me
I won’t wait up for you
Hope you and everyone
Won’t forget me too soon

We drove to the rainbow
I met my favorite color
She filled my sky
A deep dark Indigo
That’s how I saw how bright the moon was
That’s how I saw the size of the world from the sky


from Kite Without A String, released June 29, 2015
Peter DeMaio – Guitar
David Hodgkinson – Bass
Travis Giorgione – Drums



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Beach Moon/Peach Moon

[Lo-fi Sleepgaze]/
[Half-Awake Dream Pop]


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