Thoughts are fleeting
Seething though my barren bones
Swelling my brain and seeping out as chord-plucked tones
That are breathing life into an old wayward child

The fog is bad enough when I’ve had my rest
The fog it is bad enough when I’ve had my rest
and I’m tired
I haven’t slept a wink in a long while

Where did I end up and what’s the date and time?
Eyes kept peeled on the road I missed the exit sign
but I won’t be lost until I’m found

Callously content with everything we see
Give it some thought and delve beneath the crust and be
Something more than
Stuck inside a cage that you can’t see

Olly olly oxen free my mind
From the undertow of the social tide
We’ll be the sea
Vast and free


from Kite Without A String, released June 29, 2015
Peter DeMaio – Guitar
David Hodgkinson – Bass
Travis Giorgione – Drums + Glocksenspiel (simultaneously)
Jesse Asch – Guitar



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[Half-Awake Dream Pop]


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